Tools, technologies and applications

Date reviewed Name Website Summary / Intro link Description Type (best estimate) Blockchain- based? Technology used (one level up) Notes
2015-12-17 21 inc Building a Bitcoin computer - natively running Bitcoin protocol Hardware Y Bitcoin
2015-12-17 Airlock Decentralised electronic security - keyless access protocol for smart property combining IoT with "Internet of Money" (bitcoin 2.0) application Y Ethereum Won 3rd Place at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo's "In Crypto We Trust" Hackathon
2015-12-16 ALEXANDRIA An open-source standard to allow users to distribute digital content, uses Bitcoin (for payment) and Florincoin (for index) blockchains and IPFS (for content storage and distribution) application Y Multiple Combination of decentralised technologies
2015-12-16 Altcoins Various alternative currencies with bitcoin-like properties. Altcoins tend to either replicate the BitCoin hashing algorithm, implement Scrypt algorithm or have their own algorithms Group of technologies Y Mixed Unclear if altcoins fall into the technology side or the application side.
2015-12-16 Augur Decentralised prediction markets application Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 Backfeed "If the blockchain can be regarded as the TCP/IP (communication layer of the internet), Backfeed is building a canonical protocol and platform (akin to the HTTP protocol and the web browser) to enable blockchain-based decentralized collaboration, as easily as one would deploy a website today" Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Balanc3 "Smart contract powered triple entry accounting system" application Y Ethereum
2015-12-15 Bitcoin Digital currency. Uses crytopgraphy and peer-to-peer tech to facilitate currency exchange without a central ledger (i.e. a bank) Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 BitCongress Decentralised voting platform - based on Bitcoin, Axiomity ( and Counterparty application Y Counterparty
2015-12-16 Bitmessage Open source decentralised, peer-to-peer messaging service application ? Unclear
2015-12-21 Bitnation "Bitnation is a collaborative platform for do-it-yourself governance" - "Governance 2.0" application Y Bitcoin Launched humanitarian refugee programme - .
2015-12-17 SealX is contract notary service stored on blockchain and GeniusX is an IP certification system based on blockchain application Y Blockchain
2015-12-18 Bittorrent Communications protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing - distributed data storage Technology/platform N Web
2015-12-18 Bitwalking Currency/platform which rewards users for walking - currency can be exchanged for goods application ? Unclear How do they fund the platform? Advertising? selling insights into peoples behaviour?
2015-12-21 Blockai Digital asset distribution service application Y Bitcoin
2015-12-17 BlockApps Strato Develop private (and semi-private) blockchains to build industry-specific blockchain apps Technology/platform Y Ethereum
2015-12-16 Blockchain Core architecture of distributed trustless transactions Technology/platform N Web
2015-12-17 blockcypher Platform infrastructure for building blockchain-based apps Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-17 Blocknet "The Internet of Blockchains" - decentralised application platform Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-17 blocksign Document verification service application Y Blockchain
2015-12-17 Blockchain-as-a-Service a hosted platform for financial institutions to develop applications on private blockchains Technology/platform Y Blockchain recently aquired by 'Digital Asset Holdings' (
2015-12-18 blockstrap html5 framework for blockchain applications - designed to work on any blockchain Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-17 BoardRoom A tool aimed at organising decision making processes - blockchain governance application Y Ethereum Originally aimed at creating decentralised boardroom activities - pivoted to help organisations "integrate into the blockchain"
2015-12-21 Chain Platform to "enable institutions to design, deploy, and operate blockchain networks that can power any type of asset in any market." application Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Chainalysis "Building the compliance layer for the future of value exchange" - Due diligence and risk analysis Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 ChromaWay Platform ( for handling "coloured coins" i.e. tokens of value (Blockchain 2.0) Technology/platform Y Unclear
2015-12-21 coinprism Coloured coin wallet (i.e. tokens of value) Technology/platform Y Bitcoin
2015-12-21 CoinSpark Service for adding messages to bitcoin transactions (and therefore trade assets (2.0)) Technology/platform Y Bitcoin
2015-12-17 Colony Tool to help organise distributed, demfrocratic company-like entities/organisations application Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 colu Platform with accessible front end for storing/logging/transfering digital assets using blockchain (primarily Bitcoin?) Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Counterparty "a platform for free and open financial tools on the Bitcoin network" Technology/platform Y Bitcoin
2015-12-21 Credits "Interoperable blockchain platform" application Y Blockchain Working on Isle of Man register of digital currency companies (
2015-12-21 D-CENT EU project - Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies - aimed at citizen engagement and empowerment - developing "blockchain toolkit" through - a social digital currency application Y Freecoin Developing Freecoin
2015-12-21 DAOwars IN DEV: A game which involves programming AI to compete through smart ethereum contracts application Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 DApp Store A project to build a decentralised app store (i.e. a store for DApps) Technology/platform Y Ethereum
2015-12-17 Digix Physical gold investment marketplace with "Proof of Asset" smart contract application Y Ethereum
2015-12-17 Dogecoin Altcoin Technology/platform Y Blockchain A "fun" cryptocurrency
2015-12-21 Drogulus "a programmable peer-to-peer data store" Technology/platform N Distributed Hash Table Kademlia DHT
2015-12-16 Epigraph Putting title registries on blockchain application Y Blockchain Is/was allegedly working on the Honduran Land Registry with Factom:
2015-12-21 ERiS "free software that allows anyone to build their own secure, low-cost, run-anywhere data infrastructure using blockchain and smart contract technology" Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Ether Camp Ethereum Hack event(s) application Y Ethereum
2015-12-16 Ethereum Alternative non-bitcoin blockchain for smart contracts (currently command line executable code) Technology/platform Y Blockchain Good section on Ethereum smart contracts (
2015-12-21 EtherEx Open source, non-profit, next generation decentralized exchange application Y Ethereum
2015-12-17 Etherparty A platform for managing and executing smart contracts on Ethereum Technology/platform Y Ethereum User friendly front-end to Ethereum
2015-12-21 Fabriq "A shared ownership social network" - uses Ethereum contracts to host a name registry and token ledger - To build own networks application Y Ethereum a spin-off project from a hackathon hosted by the MIT Blockchain Workshop conference series
2015-12-16 Factom Storing records/other information on a blockchain Technology/platform Y Blockchain Is/was allegedly working on the Honduran Land Registry with Epigraph:
2015-12-21 FarmShare Potential blockchain supported community farming initiative application Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 Filament Internet of things startup - building large scale wireless networks for devices secured via blockchain (just to pay?) Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Filecoin A "Cryptocurrency Operated File Storage Network" - stores files - earn coin by renting space - proof-of-retrivability as opposed to proof of computation Technology/platform Y Blockchain By protocol labs - same as IPFS
2015-12-16 Florincoin Alternative coin with transaction comments based on Bitcoin and Litecoin source code Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Freecoin A set of tools aimed at providing a social alternative currency on which to run democratic social organisations Technology/platform Y Blockchain Being developed by D-CENT -
2015-12-17 Gnosis Crowdsourced prediction market application Y Ethereum
2015-12-16 Guardtime Keyless Signature Infrastructure Security and blockchain - "scalable digital signature based authentication for electronic data, machines and humans" Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-17 HitFin Ethereum based derivatives trading platform Technology/platform Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 Horizon A platform/currency Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 Inflekt Events management platform application Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 IPFS Open source project to create a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities. Technology/platform Y Blockchain "combines a distributed hashtable, an incentivized block exchange, and a self-certifying namespace" - by protocol labs - same as filecoin
2015-12-21 LaZooz "Decentralised Transportation platform" - rideshare system/community - differs by "fair share" mechanism application Y Ethereum Smart transportation is about maximising already-existing infrastructure and resource rather than adding new ones
2015-12-21 Litecoin Altcoin Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-21 MaidSafe Distributed file storage - used by contributing disk space - "a fully decentralized platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications" - Uses Horizon and Blocknet Technology/platform ? Unclear Sells itself on security - all open source and released patents etc
2015-12-17 Maker Dai "Cryptobond" marketplace Technology/platform Y Ethereum
2015-12-21 Mayor's Chain George Galloway's London budget on a blockchain - idea to make budget transparent by issuing tokens in line with GBP budgets and making departments spend the tokens - those who have had them spent can exchange for ������s (+ solicit crowsourced budgetting) application Y Multiple
2015-12-21 Multichain "Open platform for building blockchains" Technology/platform Y Blockchain From same as CoinSpark
2015-12-22 Namecoin Blockchain-based DNS - information registration and transfer system Technology/platform Y Blockchain Possibly compromised, according to
2015-12-21 NASDAQ linq NASDAQ developed blockchain-based stock market application Y Blockchain
2015-12-22 Omni (Mastercoin) A "decentralized asset platform" - "Create, customize, trade and transact your own digital property, using Bitcoin as the rails" Technology/platform Y Bitcoin
2015-12-16 Onename Personal ID on a blockchain application Y Bitcoin Recently switched from Namecoin to Bitcoin:
2015-12-22 Oraclize "A set of tools and APIs aiming to enhance the power of smart contracts" integrating Bitcoin and Ethereum - all about being "provably honest" Technology/platform Y Multiple (Dev tool)
2015-12-22 Peercoin Altcoin - "The world's first Proof-of-Stake coin" Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-16 Provenance Tracks supply chains using Ethereum. application Y Ethereum
2015-12-22 ripple A "Global Settlement Network" - handling transfers between banks without third party - aimed at cross-border/foreign exchange transactions application Y Blockchain Uses "Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL)" - Deep dive -
2015-12-22 Rubix Infrastructure to allow big business to develop blockchain based applications Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-22 Sia Decentralised cloud storage Technology/platform Y Blockchain
2015-12-22 Skuchain Supply chain stuff Technology/platform Y Blockchain Related to thingchain
2015-12-17 Service for renting, selling and sharing things that can be locked - combining IoT with blockchain ("the infrastructure of the sharing economy") application Y Ethereum opening locks with money - Example - a fully automated AirBnB apartment; also has Ethereum computer for controlling IoT devices (locks) connected to Ethereum
2015-12-22 Solarcoin "a digital currency incentivizing solar electricity" - given to solar energy producers then other buy/sell (miners also get solarcoin) application Y Blockchain
2015-12-22 Solid "a proposed set of conventions for building decentralized social applications on the Linked Data stack" Technology/platform ? Unclear Interesting link to Linked Data
2015-12-16 Decntralised cloud storage built on blockchain Technology/platform Y Florincoin (Blockchain-as-a-Service) View FAQ - mention combining various technologies when they can (
2015-12-22 Tahoe-LAFS Distributed cloud storage - "Least-Authority File Store" Technology/platform ? Unclear
2015-12-22 thingchain Using "cryptic QR codes" to track supply chain provenance Technology/platform Y Blockchain (Dev tool) - Related to skuchain
2015-12-21 Tieron na "Using blockchain for government surveys" application Y Blockchain Blockchain-as-a-Service - Application?
2015-12-21 TransActive Grid na IN DEV: Project by Io3 energy and ConsenSys to create an Ethereum based transactive energy grid application Y Ethereum;;
2015-12-16 Twister Decentralized microblogging platform using Bitcoin protocol and Bittorrent Technology/platform Y Bitcoin
2015-12-17 Ujo music Shared infrastructure for the distribution of creative digital products (i.e. music) focused on generating greater transparency, fairness and profitability - "ownership information and use policies on the blockchain" application Y Blockchain Small existing prototype using a song from Imogen Heap -
2015-12-17 WeiFund Crowdfunding and equity platform based on Ether currency - benefit appears to be smart contracts which inherently allow for different models of equity share/guarantee on return of funding - especially good for digital asset return application Y Ethereum
2015-12-22 Woodcoin Altcoin modelled on renewable resources i.e uses logarithmic money supply curve application Y Blockchain uses Pure Skein proof-of-work function
2015-12-22 ��nigma "a decentralized cloud platform with guaranteed privacy" Technology/platform Y Blockchain MIT Media Lab involved
2015-12-22 Genecoin "Make a Backup of Yourself Using Bitcoin" - Put DNA data on the Bitcoin blockchain application Y Bitcoin
2015-12-22 Everledger Storing records of diamonds on a blockchain to prevent insurance fraud and diamond smuggling application Y Blockchain Uses crystallography to hash physical objects
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